Clean Fill.


Scope Australia offers a superior clean fill service throughout Australia that ensures the professional and responsible removal of construction waste, so that it may be reused or disposed of appropriately. Our vast range of reuse and disposal solutions cater for all small or large construction materials, and our first-class clean fill service exceeds the industry standards and regulations, which ensures environmental sustainability and the efficient management of materials. Whether it’s asphalt or major demolition that’s required to be cleaned up, Scope Australia offers an affordable clean fill solution for all types of construction sites. Our clean fill services include the following:

  • Delivery and removal of reusable waste
  • Removal of debris
  • Safe storage of materials


What we believe in

What sets us apart

We stand as an industry trailblazer with a comprehensive range of service capabilities extending across the industrial, commercial, and resource sectors nationwide. Our unwavering confidence in delivering exceptional service at every juncture sets us apart from the competition, positioning Scope Australia as the foremost leader in the resource industry.

Our Mission

Scope Australia is driven by a profound commitment to positively transform our industry's external impact via its internal systems. We achieve this through cultivating exceptional services whilst maintaining strong relationships with all our stakeholders. By consistently delivering unparalleled service and exceeding client expectations, we aspire to progressively reshape the landscape of our industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead our industry and those who represent it through our unwavering commitment to innovation, fostering positive culture, and collaborating with industry leaders alike.

We are dedicated to empowering our team and investing in their growth, believing that by doing so, we can achieve operational excellence that seamlessly integrates efficiency and sustainability into the entirety of our business practices.