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GMHBA Stadium, Geelong 2023

Project Name
GMHBA Stadium

Project Completion


Beginning in late 2021 the team at Scope Australia initiated rehabilitation and development works at GMHBA Stadium Geelong, home of the Geelong Cats. Over the first critical stages of the project our skilled team was tasked with managing and providing services of the exportation and importation of material for their new major grand-stand development project on the northern end of the iconic stadium.

As a highly qualified contractor, Scope Australia managed and directed  the removal of over 30,000 tonnes of hazardous material including categorised contaminated soils, concrete recycling, and clean fill material from the existing grandstand, whilst importing Quarry products to the area for ground rehabilitation works.

The project – set to run until mid 2023 – tasks our EPA approved and PIW trained drivers with ensuring the safe arrival of the hazardous material to be received safely at the designated EPA approved facility.


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