Ford Factory

Working on projects within our immediate community is something we are continuously looking out for, which is why working on the rehabilitation of the historic and culturally significant Geelong Ford factory is something that we are extremely proud of being a part of.

Scope Australia’s role in the project was to undertake the management of over 120,000 cubic meters of recycled and uncontaminated waste material, to facilitate the first stage of the enormous site restoration for repurposing. As a large scale self-performing service provider, ensuring our waste materials are reused appropriately on projects is critical to maintaining sustainable practice.

In preparation for the project’s future repurposing as technology parks, critical planning and coordination regarding the quality of waste materials supplied was undertaken to ensure strict adherence with EPA guidelines and project standards. The Critical planning displayed by all stakeholders ensures minimal environmental impact and best practice risk mitigation whilst restoring the indoor heritage site. Being tasked with a rehabilitation project that demands a strict focus on environmental sustainability works in conjunction with Scope Australia’s ongoing efforts to work towards a circular economy.

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