Discovering Our Purpose, Establishing Our approach.


At Scope Australia, we are driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation in our industry. Our unwavering focus on detail and innovative approach to serving our clients has earned us a reputation as one of Australia’s leading service providers.

With service capabilities spanning across the industrial, commercial, and resource sectors throughout the country, our confidence in delivering exceptional service at all levels is what sets us apart as industry leaders.

At the core of our mission is a focus on building strong relationships with our clients and consistently exceeding their expectations through providing an unparalleled service from start to finish.

We believe in investing in our team, fostering a positive work environment, and providing opportunities for growth and development through collaboration with industry leaders.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our team members can build longstanding and rewarding careers with us.

Meet our team

John Kennedy

Managing Director

With over 14 years of experience and a vast, multi-skilled knowledge across different sectors in the industry, John directs the Scope Australia team with a strong vision for innovation, culture, and professionalism since its foundation.

Matt Hayes

Operations Manager

Having previously worked as our Fleet Manager, Matt now leads the charge as Operations Manager, where he directs his expertise to the entirety of Scope Australia’s operational function.

Kim Heinze

Administrative Manager

With 8 years of industry experience in accounting and management, Kim’s expertise is the glue that holds our daily operations together.

Jimmy Close

Operations Lead

With a wealth of 16 years industry experience, Jimmy brings a unique blend of expertise in civil construction and engineering to his role as Operations Lead at Scope Australia.

Anthony Visintin

Fleet Manager

Tasked with the pivotal responsibility of managing the day-to-day allocation of our flagship trucks Anthony’s 25 year’s industry experience is critical to maintaining effective control of our valued subcontractors across all our projects.

Letti Fagundes

Administrative / EPA Coordinator

Appointed to the critical role of Assistant/EPA Coordinator, Letti ensures effective and efficient day-to-day operations at Scope Australia. Her keen interest in managing teams, coupled with a solid background in the commercial/resource sector, makes her the perfect fit for the job.