Unveiling Our New Ballarat Material Processing facility

Pioneering a Circular Future

October 10, 2023

At Scope Australia, our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility lies at the heart of who we are, with sustainability as the fundamental pillar of our mission. Our most recent acquisition, strategically located on the southern outskirts of Ballarat, represents a significant step forward on our path to realizing a circular economy and reducing our industry’s environmental impact. The site will serve as a hub for a wide spectrum of services, encompassing waste management, material processing, and catering to the needs of both the local community and the broader Victorian region.

A Leap Towards Sustainability

Our repurposed material recovery and processing center seamlessly integrates with our ongoing sustainability initiatives across the state, amplifying the reach and extent of our positive impact. Nestled a short distance South of Ballarat, the repurposed Quarry site on Scotchman’s Road is fully equipped to receive a diverse array of waste materials and expertly manage and repurpose materials, ensuring responsible and eco-conscious removal from the environment.

Environmental Responsibility at Its Best

Just as industry leaders do, we hold environmental responsibility in the highest regard. This strategic expansion significantly bolsters our overall capacity to make meaningful contributions to the communities we proudly serve, all while adhering to industry best practices. At Scope Australia, we’re not just acquiring a quarry; we’re making a commitment to the environment and to the future and expanding our capabilities to adhere to our mission of working within a circular economy.

Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainability initiatives and the positive impacts we’re making within our industry.