World Environment Day:

Our Commitment to Land Restoration

June, 5, 2024

Over 2 billion hectares of the world’s land are now degraded, primarily due to unsustainable land management and industrial impacts.

The negative effects of our global footprint are increasingly evident, and addressing these is central to Scope Australia’s operations.

World Environment Day offers a chance to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and highlight the importance of collective efforts in achieving a sustainable circular economy. This year’s theme, “Land Restoration,” aligns closely with Scope Australia’s core mission and ongoing operational practices, as a major avenue of restoration lies within appropriately processing and managing both clean and contaminated waste materials.

Current Restorative Practices and Future Initiatives

  • Recycling Viable Materials: Maximising their restorative value by recycling across projects.
  • Collaborative Planning: Minimising waste and environmental impact through community collaboration.
  • Appropriate Waste Management: Prioritising responsible disposal for minimal environmental impact.


Future Restoration Plans

  • Investing in Technologies: Enhancing operational capacity for efficient material processing.
  • Expanding Partnerships: Strengthening collaborations with communities and agencies.
  • Waste Minimisation: Exploring methods to reduce project waste and enhance restoration efforts.


Developing and implementing these strategies underscores Scope Australia’s unwavering dedication to restoring our planet for future generations.