Unveiling Our New Headquarters

Where Vision Meets Innovation

June 21, 2023

In a momentous step towards reinforcing our corporate identity, earlier this month we proudly introduced our fresh headquarters—an embodiment of our commitment to innovation, excellence, and lasting connections.

Situated at Suite 2/5 Villamata Pl, Geelong West, our new HQ signifies more than just a change of address. It stands as a symbol of our dedication to cultivating a stronger future and fostering a culture that resonates with the growth and commitments to change within our business.

Equipped with state of the art office spaces and a meticulously designed corporate boardroom, our new headquarters enables seamless facilitation of all large-scale current and future operations. Every section of our new HQ has been crafted to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and forward thinking and has been testament to this since its reveal. Managing Director, John Kennedy, captures this sentiment, stating,

“Our goal was to create an environment where our company culture thrives, fostering a sense of pride and a strong connection among all staff members and our clients. We wanted everyone to feel intimately connected to the vision we are building within our business, and this space does that very well.”

Our new space speaks to our broader vision of growth and strengthening relationships, not just within our team but also with our valued clients.

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