Understanding Mental Health in Our Field

Mind Matters

September 19, 2023

In our practice at Scope Australia, we are committed to positive industry-wide transformation, with a particular emphasis on redefining our approach to mental well-being. This initiative is a pivotal component of our commitment to change and our approach to addressing often overlooked issues within our industry.

A Platform for Change: Carrying the R U Ok Day Message Forward

Although observed last week, R U Ok Day, and the messages it promotes, continues to be central to our mission throughout the duration year. This annual event serves as a lasting reminder of the widespread mental health challenges in our society, offering us a continuous opportunity to create positive changes that can profoundly affect lives.

R U Ok Day emphasizes that it’s perfectly acceptable to grapple with life’s pressures and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It empowers all of us to forge meaningful connections with those around us. By initiating conversations with individuals who may be facing life’s challenges, we can bring about impactful changes.
Four Simple Steps to Make a Difference

If you’re unsure about how to broach the topic of mental health, consider following these four steps. Engaging in a simple conversation with those in your circle can potentially make a life-changing difference:

  • Ask: Inquire genuinely, “Are you okay?”
  • Listen: Offer a compassionate ear without judgment.
  • Encourage: Show support and encourage them to share their thoughts.
  • Check-in: Follow up and continue to be there for them.


Cultivating a Culture of Understanding and Support

Let’s work together to encourage open conversations about mental health in our industry. At Scope, we believe that reshaping our approach to mental health will contribute to a brighter, healthier future for everyone in our field.