Director John Kennedy’s Rodeo Adventure:

Taking the Bull by the Horns

February, 25, 2024.

Last weekend, Scope Australia once again made its mark as a proud sponsor of the Geelong M5 Pro Rodeo

Reaffirming our steadfast commitment to this thrilling event for the third consecutive year. However, this year brought an extra dose of excitement as our very own Director, John Kennedy, stepped into the arena to test his luck in the rodeo spotlight.

“I’ve always wanted to have a crack at riding one,” John remarked, his inner cowboy shining through. “We’ve enjoyed and supported this event as a company for so long, and having the opportunity to actually be on the other side of the gate was something I couldn’t pass up.”

While this endeavour may not signal a career shift, it underscores Scope Australia’s dedication to community involvement and the value in continuing to support events in our community.

Now that the dust has settled, you can witness all the bucking and adrenaline in the video below.